The Three Greatest Medical Benefits of Marijuana

The Three Greatest Medical Benefits of Marijuana


With Canada’s Federal Government promising to legalize weed by 2018, more and more Canadians are being turned on to the medicinal effects of marijuana. Marijuana is already a popular recreational drug for people in all walks of life, with over 40% of Canadians admitting to having tried pot at least once. Canada presently issues medical marijuana licenses that allow its citizens to purchase and grow pot with a prescription from a doctor, but could more people be benefitting from the effects of smoking weed?

This resource article highlights some of the best known medical benefits of cannabis. As our governments come to their senses about regulating harmless plants, we hope that further research will be conducted to determine what diseases are most effectively treated and how best to harness the healing powers of cannabis.

Cannabis Thought to Deter Cancer

Cancer is one of the largest and most insidious killers of humans in North America, and thanks to the processed foods and cosmetics industries, we are being exposed to more harmful carcinogens than ever before. In Canada, breast, colon and prostate cancers are three of the most common afflictions – they can be linked directly to diet – but in the long term, everyone who lives long enough is likely to develop cancerous cells.

While non-profits in support of a “cure for cancer” continue to soak in millions of dollars in contributions, it’s possible that the cure for cancer has already been found, and it just might be cannabis sativa. Many studies have shown that cannabis not only slows down the growth of cancerous tumours, but that cannabis killed the cancer cells and caused tumours to shrink, effectively reversing the effects of cancer.

Geneticists say that THC, the most potent medicinal cannabinoid found in pot, turns off the ID-1 gene which causes cancer cells to propagate uncontrollably in the human body. Cannabidiol, also found in cannabis, has an enhancing effect on this process.

Cannabis Reverses the Process of Alzheimer’s

If a relative of yours has been afflicted with Alzheimer’s near the end of their life, you’ll be all too familiar with the salient terrors of this disease. Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease that causes forgetfulness in sufferers to the extent that they can’t remember themselves, their family or their surroundings. It leads to confusion, fear, and for loved ones, the heartache of not being able to say goodbye to a grandparent or friend that no longer remembers you the way they should.

The great news is that medicinal marijuana has been shown to prevent Alzheimer’s and even reverse the damage caused by the disease. Alzheimer’s is caused by the build-up of beta-Amyloid plaques in the brain. These molecules are involved in other functional regulation in the body, but are found in much higher concentrations than normal in Alzheimer’s patients, leading to their discovery as a causative agent in Alzheimer’s disease.

THC has been found to block the enzymes that cause these plaques to form, delaying and preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and helping those afflicted by this illness get their memories back.

Marijuana Known to Eliminate Seizures

Cannabis is now the number one long-term method of reducing the incidence of seizures. THC binds to the same brain cells that are responsible for controlling muscular excitability and relaxation, making cannabis a reliable and consistent regulator of muscle spasticity.

Many people have seen a viral video created by Cannabis for Kids about a child with epilepsy whose 700 seizures per day were reduced to just a handful each week thanks to intervention using medicinal marijuana. In addition, an oral spray known as Sativex is being tested in the United States as a treatment for chronic pain related to cancer and muscle spasms, as well as multiple sclerosis.


With the benefits of cannabis becoming more apparent by the day, we believe it’s high time that the Canadian government enacted legislation to legalize marijuana and make it available for everyone. People should be able to responsibly enjoy the psychoactive effects of the cannabis plant while simultaneously benefitting from the immense health benefits available.

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