Alberta Leads the Way with Cannabis Plan

Alberta Leads the Way with Cannabis Plan

As provinces begin to release more detailed plans about cannabis distribution, Alberta is leading the way with some of the friendliest policies toward distribution. The province plans to allow privately owned brick-and-mortar stores to sell cannabis, but will itself control online sales of the drug throughout Alberta, where the legal minimum age for purchase will be set to 18 years.

With British Columbia’s approach still yet to be revealed, Alberta will certainly become one of the freest and best places to be a cannabis user. Unilaterally, provincial polls indicated that it’s the cannabis non-smokers that advocate greater government controls placed on cannabis, while both medical and recreational users advocated for more open availability and usage of the drug.

Importantly, both the Albertan and British Columbian unions of provincial workers have adopted resolutions supporting the public control of cannabis sales – government employees recognize that cannabis users don’t necessarily want to buy pot from the province. This will keep more of the profits from cannabis in the hands of responsible, law-abiding citizens that will stimulate the economy and create jobs within the industry.

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