My First Time Trying Cannabis Edibles

My First Time Trying Edibles

Sometimes when we release edibles, we remind people to make sure they know what an appropriate dose might be before they go ahead and crush an entire cookie with 200mg of 99% pure THC in it. We don’t really think of this as a warning because we’re not telling people that anything bad will happen if they do choose to eat the entire treat at once, we’re just telling them that they may not like what happens.

If you’re never tried edibles before, it may be tough to imagine why those little reminders exist, so we wanted to offer some anecdotal evidence of what happens when you go overboard with the edible cannabis products. These five stories were curated from dozens that we collected, having asked our friends “Can you describe either your first experience trying edibles, or a time when you took more than you planned to?”

Edible cannabis is totally harmless, just like the cannabis that we smoke, but the difference is that you can take in larger doses through edible treats, and the ensuing feelings may be confusing if you’re not used to them. Let’s dive right in so you can see what we mean.

#1 – Out and Soaring

“I sometimes get paranoid when I’m high in public, so I’m not really sure why I thought this was a good idea, but on the way to meet a group of people for dinner, a buddy and I each downed two cannabis gummies that we had just bought from a local dispensary. For me it was a total of around 70mg dosage, and I’m a regular pot smoker. About 45 minutes, the effects started to kick in while we were waiting around. I grabbed a hot dog from a street vendor, but it was no help, I was high as a kite and there were people everywhere.

Downtown Toronto gives me panic attacks at the best of times, so I was a bit worried at first. Thankfully, I’ve taken edibles before, so I understand that everything I’m feeling is just that – feelings, they might be weird or unexpected but there’s really nothing wrong. I let my friends know how blasted I was and they made sure I got to the restaurant okay and I proceeded to crush a huge plate of tacos. All in a day’s work (or play) I guess.”

#2 – Parents Gone, Pizza Party

“My parents went away on vacation for the first time when I was in my late teens. It’s sort of funny how popular culture tells us that we should always throw a party when this happens. I threw the party with my big sister and someone brought pot brownies that most of us had never tried before. The brownies were delicious, but you know how kids are.

At first, nobody felt anything, so everyone tried a little bit more. A while later, the brownies started to kick in and it was obvious that food was going to take priority over whatever else we had planned. As the host of this party, I didn’t want to order anything because the house was full of silly teenagers and I was paranoid that the delivery driver would know we were high – so we all went to Pizza Pizza! The walk-in Party Pepperoni special brought some of us down to Earth, the rest I sent home in a cab to sleep it off. Good times!”

#3 – Edibles and Alcohol

“It’s well-known that Cannabis and alcohol amplify each other’s effects. That’s pretty much what happened on a Thursday night when two friends and I decided to down a 40oz bottle each of malt beer, and then split a 200mg THC cookie three ways. Picture three grown adults in a house together, reduced to complete silliness by a mixture of alcohol and edible cannabis products.

My friends and I are all into fitness, so we decided to sober up by doing some exercises. We got onto the living room floor and started doing push-ups and sit-ups together. More whiskey may have been involved. Long story short, we all woke up on the same floor the next day – I guess sleeping it off was the best answer! My morning coffee never tasted better.

#4 – House Party

“My parents went to Europe on vacation when I was 20 and my sister had just turned 18. Neither of us had ever tried edible brownies before, and we had no idea how much cannabis was in the tray that a friend of ours brought to a party we hosted. There were probably 50 people there and I guess some of them had forgotten to eat because edible treats can sometimes be harsh on an empty stomach.

I don’t know if it was the edibles themselves, but people started puking in the backyard because they were too high. I’ve never seen anything like it. My sister is what you would call a “sympathetic regurgitator” – she saw what was happening and immediately got sick herself. I was laughing my head off because I hadn’t tried any edibles and was feeling fine. Everyone was alright of course, they were just too high to function and I had to put everyone to sleep. We all laughed about it in the morning though – no harm done!

#5 – Party Drone

“I was the only person on edibles at a party I went to back in the day with a few close friends. There were about 15 people there, and I remember arriving and chowing down a bunch of an edible cannabis cookie that I brought and taking a big hit from the bong before finding a seat by the window and chilling out.

It was probably my favourite experience with edibles because I felt really relaxed and oddly perceptive, but I wasn’t really interacting with anyone because I was super high. This girl I like came and sat down next to me, and I couldn’t even hold a conversation with her! I was drifting into introspection when someone said they were walking down to the convenience store and asked me for company. I took a walk and felt more in touch with reality when I got back, and I even got that girl’s phone number!

I’m experienced with edibles, but I would have regretted missing that chance. We’re still together.”

That’s all for today guys – we hope these short stories have clued you in to some of the potential pitfalls of eating too much cannabis. Humans have been enjoying cannabis for over 10,000 years, and the same axioms always hold true: make sure you have ready access to food and somewhere to fall asleep before venturing into the unknown with cannabis edibles.

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