Nova Scotia unveils their hybrid cannabis liquor stores

Nova Scotia unveils their hybrid cannabis liquor stores

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. (NLSC) recently offered us a glimpse into what a government run dispensary will look like. They tout their hybrid style retail space concept as one of a kind and unique in the world.

The president of the NLSC Bret Mitchell recently took the media on a tour of the first location in Halifax saying Nova Scotia is the only jurisdiction in Canada which brings liquor sales and cannabis sales under one roof. “It hasn’t been done to my knowledge anywhere else in the world, and so it’s going to make it a very different retail environment than you’ll experience in any other jurisdiction.”

The location is located at the back of the liquor store, beneath letters that read “Cannabis”. Customers walk through frosted doors into a bright space with light colored walls. There they’ll find a counter that runs the length of the wall. Behind the counter are white boxes that contain various types of cannabis. The available products that will be displayed on TV screens are going to be divided into four categories: relax, unwind, center and enhanced. To match the profile of the strain being sold.

There are also tablets located on wood grain counter tops. Customers will be able to use those tables to look up information that will help them to make a more informed choice regarding the products they choose. Hosts will also be greeting customers as they come in, to determine if they’re legal age, and to show them how to shop.

In order to have this kind of set-up there are a few regulations to follow, it has to be separate from the liquor store and no sales to anyone under 19 are allowed. This is new for everyone involved in Nova Scotia and there’s bound to be some growing pains.

Many in the community are not happy with the approach the Province is taking to cannabis sales, mainly with the idea that distribution will be handled by a government run monopoly. According to Mitchell, twelve stores will be opening inside NCLS locations on Oct. 17th. He said they’re anticipating up to 90 people an hour will use the cannabis store at the Joseph Howe Drive location once it opens. They project that the introduction of cannabis will double that location’s retail sales, from $11.5 million a year to $22.5 million.

NOVA SCOTIA (Cheat sheet)

Age of legal consumption: 19+

Where to buy: Government-operated storefronts and online sales

Grow your own?: Up to four plants

Where to smoke?: Only where tobacco may be smoked, subject to landlord restrictions

Other notes: 9 cannabis stores currently confirmed in: Amherst, Dartmouth, Halifax, Lower Sackville, New Glasgow, Sydney River, Truro and Yarmouth

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