Cannabis Sniffing Dogs a Casualty of Legalization

Cannabis Sniffing Dogs a Casualty of Legalization

The upcoming legalization of marijuana in Canada is expected to create a lot of jobs for people, but it’s going to be putting one group out of work, dogs. Yes that’s right police sniffing dogs, more specifically those dogs trained to sniff out marijuana will be out of work.

A report by the Innisfail Province announced that after the date of October 17th, 2018 several RCMP service dogs will be retiring.

According to Staff Sgt Grant Hignell the program manager at the RCMP Police Dog Service Training Centre in Red Deer County. There are currently, 14 dogs across the country that will be retired or sold to other agencies that still require that capability of marijuana detection.

“Our interdiction dogs are often used to form grounds to continue searching or to arrest people,” said Staff Sgt. Gary Creed, a senior trainer with the RCMP’s police dog service in Innisfail. He said that if they are trained to sniff marijuana some of their evidence would not be admissible in court.

It seems like the remaining dogs will have the opportunity to work in other areas. “With that special capability, I would think there would be police agencies that will have interest in their services,” he said. “The ones that are older and are coming up for retirement anyways, they will probably be retired to their handler or to a family friend.” said Hignell.

These marijuana sniffing dogs will be replaced with dogs that are not trained to look for cannabis the odour, said Hignell. “We will be training handlers with new dogs over the course of the next year. ”The initial training process for a dog paired with an officer takes about six weeks, said Gary Creed.

“All these experienced handlers are going to be coming in and getting new dogs. It’s way easier to train the dogs than it is the man.”

It seems like there are some unforeseen consequences to legalization. Let’s hope these pooches can

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