About Us

The Cure Parlour

The Cure Parlour provides you with fun, exciting, and delicious ways of medicating with cannabis. Our edibles are prepared and packaged in Vancouver, BC by our specially trained pastry chef along with a hard-working team of cannabis experts and enthusiasts dedicated to perfecting each product that makes it into our catalogue. Each product is created and packaged by hand, individually inspected for quality and lab tested to ensure accurate dosing and exceptional standards.

At The Cure Parlour, we use primarily organic and locally sourced ingredients in each item that we sell. Our focus on sustainability and freshness when selecting ingredients ensures the best quality product for our customers, in terms of flavour, nutrition and texture, and helps us protect the environmental systems that provide us with food and medicine.

Our concept for each product we develop is to create a sense of childlike nostalgia for our customers by using ingredients, flavours and colours that evoke memories of childhood. Whether you’re taking a chunk out of one of our cannabis-infused cereal bars, gooey marshmallow-covered cookies or scrumptious pot tarts, each product reflects the joyful experience of youth and offers a genuine thrill along with the great benefits of medical cannabis.

Our highest ideal is to design and create products that relieve pain and improve quality of life for our loyal customers. We love receiving emails from our satisfied fans telling us that our high-quality edible cannabis products are making a real difference in their daily enjoyment of life. For this reason, we’ve made our products available everywhere in Canada for anyone over the age of 19. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are highly potent and effective at treating a variety of conditions, but buying marijuana on the street is dangerous and uncertain, especially for those with serious medical needs.

Patients can be sure of the quality and dosage accuracy of products at the Cure Parlour. We ensure that both recreational pot users and those who use THC for its medicinal properties have access to safe, accurately dosed, responsibly source and delicious edible cannabis products.

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