The Breakfast Club Sample pack

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  • 1 x Bam Bam Bar (200mg/thc)
  • 1 x Pot O Gold Bar (200mg/thc)
  • 1x Cookie Pillow (300mg/thc)

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The Breakfast Club Pack combines all our breakfast bars into one sampler pack containing full-sized products at a reduced cost per item. It’s no wonder that this sampler is one of the most popular orders – you’ll have the opportunity to try our cannabis infused Bam-Bam Bars, made with Fruity Pebbles Cereal, Pot O’Gold Bars, made with magically delicious Lucky Charms and the epic Cookie Pillow, made from Cookie Crisp.

Each bar is handmade, infused with 200mg of THC (300mg for the Cookie Pillow) and held together by sticky, gooey marshmallow – yum! You’ll love the familiar taste of the cereals that you already love, along with the recognizable texture of home-made Rice Krispie squares and a distinctly grassy flavour, reminding you of the potency of these tasty treats.

While dosing accurately can be tricky with a bar that breaks off in chunks, we’d recommend biting off about 20% of one and seeing where that takes you if you’re not sure about your tolerance. Our testers have reported great things – a relaxed sense of euphoria with a hint of couch-lock that’s great for stress relief. Try them for yourself today!

3 reviews for The Breakfast Club Sample pack

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Great sample pack!
    Gives you more of a variety for a good price.

  2. R.M. (verified owner)

    Fantastic product for a great price. Half of a 200mg bar is enough to help you sleep great. Love having variety and choice. They even gave me a complimentary chocolate bar. Will order again and have recommended to many. Keep making great products.

  3. BreAnn (verified owner)

    I loved this sample pack. The bambam bar so fruity and delicious!!!

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