Apple Pie Pot Tart


Here at The Cure Parlour, we suspect that there’s significant overlap between people that love weed-infused edibles and people that love to eat gooey, pop tarts for breakfast. That’s what inspired us to create our own delicious Apple Pie Pot Tarts and infuse them with 200mg of THC, delivering intense body highs to pot tart lovers everywhere in a way that’s undeniably delicious.

Tear open a bag with one of our Apple Pie Pot Tarts for a weekend breakfast or as a snack and you’ll immediately notice the vaguely sweet smell of Apple Pie combined with the potent aroma of a perfectly baked, buttery biscuit that will excite your senses and deliver a next-level high. You can expect feelings of happiness and a lot of smiles as the waves of euphoria begin to wash over you, followed by a tingly, relaxing high that’s characterized by intense body awareness and physical sensations.

Whether you’re consuming it all at once or micro-dosing to maintain a low-level high while you get on with your day, you’ll love the smell, taste and effects of this delicious Apple Pie Pop Tart.


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  • Buttery Pie Pastry
  • Stuffed With Apple Pie Filling
  • Topped with Turbinado Sugar and Royal Icing
  • 200mg of THC


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