Cookie Pillow

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  • 300mg/thc
  • Made with more than the most marshmallows ever, and Cookie Crisp cereal.

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Whoever came up with the Cookie Pillow deserves an award for innovation in weed treats. This incredible gift looks like a cloud floated down from the skies and promised to make all of your frowns into smiles if you’d just open up and take a bite. Jam-packed with 300mg of THC, a heaping helping of gooey marshmallows and a handful of flavourful cookie crisp cereal, the Cookie Pillow is really something special when it comes to weed-infused edibles.

You’ll smell the weed butter and taste lots and lots of little chocolate chip cookies when you bite a chunk out of one of these Cereal bars. You can expect an intense high that lasts between four and six hours and includes feelings of euphoria along with deep body relaxation. If you’re not used to some of the body tingles and sensations that often occur with edibles, try eating just a little at first before experimenting with more, or splitting the bar with 2-4 friends to share the experience.

8 reviews for Cookie Pillow

  1. James From Cambridge

    Had this beast of an edible a few weeks ago. Wolfed it down and rocked out at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert in Toronto! Release The Kraken!! this one will hit ya right where ya need it!

  2. Kalikalily (verified owner)

    Amazing. So. Fricking. Amazing.
    I’m a newbie to edibles, so my tolerance is super low. I can easily pull off singular cookie pieces for almost exact dosing!

  3. Maryandjane (verified owner)

    Love this one! Taste is great and it does exactly what it should!

  4. Dorr1

    Ate this entire gooey goodness!
    I unfortunately, had eaten a meal before i had this, so i never got the full effect.
    But what i got was very relaxing! Tasty!

  5. Herb4lt (verified owner)

    These mini cookies plus the gooey marshmallows were delicious and the effects are definitely uplifting and guide you to a pleasant sleep afterwards.

  6. Brian

    This bad boy has intent- the intent to keep you on the couch. From a taste perspective, excellent variation to the rice crispy square. From an effect perspective- the force is very strong with this one. Be cautious when enjoying as the THC doesn’t seem to be uniformly distributed throughout giving this treat extra “surprises”.

    • mikej

      THC should be 99.9% even….but with all edibles, you never know when you will get that extra special bite lol

  7. Emmers

    This was good. Too good. My cousin and I overestimated ourselves and split one last weekend. We have one question for James from Cambridge: are you sure you weren’t just standing in a corn field listening to the chilli peppers on your phone? Lol. I’ll stick to quarters from now on.

  8. Leah (verified owner)

    Best. Canadian. Edible. Ever.

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