Cookie Variety Pack

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  • 1 x Munchies Cookie 200 mg/thc
  • 1 x Fluffernutter Cookie 200mg/thc
  • 1 x Campfire Cookie 200 mg/thc
  • 1 x Birthday Cake Cookie 200 mg/thc
  • 1 x Chocolate Wasted Cookie 250 mg/thc
  • (Cookies may vary but will be 5 different ones)

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Whether you already love our delicious cannabis-infused cookies, or you’re looking to try them for the first time, the cookie variety pack is the best way to get a sampling of our delicious baked offerings. The cookie variety pack comes with a full-sized sample of each of our scrumptious, cannabis-infused cookies: The Munchies Cookie, the Campfire Cookie, The Fluffernutter Cookie, the Birthday Cake Cookie and the Chocolate Wasted Cookie.

Each cookie is hand-crafted to curb your munchies and satisfy your sweet tooth while delivering a 200mg mega-dose of cannabis (250mg for the Chocolate Wasted variety), and you’ll also get better value thanks to a discount on the regular sale price when you purchase all five cookies together. There’s something for everyone in this cannabis combo, and whether you love the crunchy Munchies cookie with bits of potato chip, the rich, decadent Chocolate Wasted cookie with yummy sprinkles or the marshmallow-stuffed Fluffernutter, we know you’ll be ordering your favourites again and again.

Unsure of your ideal dosage? Edibles can take a little bit of time to start working, so try a couple of bites and wait about an hour to determine the effects. Let us know which cookie you liked best in the reviews section below!

8 reviews for Cookie Variety Pack

  1. BRDY024 (verified owner)

    Great price for a great selection of cookies! They all taste great, and pack a punch. The smell and taste of cannabis are prevelent but not overpowering; a friendly reminder you’re about to go on a ride. Strong enough for this daily smoker to fell the effects! Goes great with a cup of coffee or glass of milk. I would and have recommended this pack to friends and even family.

  2. Jessica (verified owner)

    Definitely the best bang for your buck! Get a little variety so you know whats your fave and what youd shy away from next time. The packaging was great and kept them moist and in (mostly) one piece while on their journey to me! Can taste the weed just a bit but it just goes so well with baked goods! Highly recommend.

  3. delisledevan (verified owner)

    awesome cookies taste great,only down side is the marshmellows where stuck to the inside destroying a few cookies , still did the trick though!

  4. IAMJUSTSEAn (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these! Hands down the best edibles I’ve ever had. Putting the dispensaries to shame 😉. Amazing job guys. These are defiantly my go to place for edibles & shatter

  5. Zoe (verified owner)

    Great value buying them all together like this! The cookies are actually delicious AND potent. Thank you for existing!

  6. Dylan P (verified owner)

    Three words . ALL OF THEM . Definitely the ultimate package that is worth the try ! They taste all so different and that’s what makes the experience so unique ! The cannabis taste is present in each of them – making the whole thing a more-than-friendly snack TO SHARE eh 😴 The strain used makes it a great painkiller and also puts me to sleep really easily .

  7. BreAnn (verified owner)

    This was the first thing I ordered on the site last year and I forgot to rate. Although my favorite was the chocolate wasted cookie they all had their own amazing taste and qualities.

  8. Breanna Timmons (verified owner)

    Awesome products even better price !! First thingi ordered from here definitely recommend !! All have a great buzz

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