Marijuana Infused Hot Sauce

Grandpa’s Hot Sauce


  • 4oz Jar
  • 1000 mg/thc

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Product Description

This bottle may be small, but this sauce packs a big punch, and in more ways than one! Not for the faint of heart, just a few drops of Grandpa’s Hot Sauce added to your meal will kick it up a notch, delivering the sweetness and unmistakeable heat of Thai chilli peppers with a hint of coconut and a generous helping of THC thanks to the 1000mg that we’ve managed to dissolve into this tiny 4oz bottle.

As an end result, you’ll be feeling the scorch of our stellar sauce along with a pervasive sense of calm as the THC works to reduce your stress and put you in a relaxed state of mind. Grandpa’s hot sauce is excellent in any meal – add it to stir fry, chicken dishes, curries, or just about anything else for an extra kick of spice and a welcome dosage of cannabis.

It may take a couple of tries to get the dosage right, but once you’ve worked out just the right amount of sauce to add to your favourite meal, you’ll be flying high, and just in time for dessert!


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