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  • 4oz Jar
  • 250mg/thc

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What’s better than organic honey? What about a 4oz jar of organic honey, lovingly infused with 250mg of THC by the folks at The Cure Parlour and delivered to your front door? Our weed-infused honey is something special – it’s got the familiar sweetness of honey that you’ll love and is even stickier thanks to the infusion of THC.

If you’re not already eating honey, you probably should be. Organic honey is one of the least processed sources of natural sugars, undergoing little to no chemical processing between harvesting and when it reaches your table. Our organic honey is excellent as a natural sweetener in coffee or tea, as a spread on your morning toast or as a dip for some oranges or other fruit in a dessert.

Whichever way you make use of this delectable spread, you’ll love the relaxing body high from the infused THC, plus the knowledge that you’re saving your lungs by not inhaling smoke. It’s no wonder there’s such a “buzz” surrounding our honey. (Get it?)

5 reviews for Organic Honey

  1. Ryan (verified owner)

    Excellent honey, nice and viscous unlike most honey from dispensaries. This one really has a piney scent that’s unmistakable (you’ll love it the second you open it and take a whiff)

    Word of advice. Adding this to sweet drinks amplifies the scent, whereas you can’t smell it in coffee.

    10/10 Will (and did) order again

  2. Louis (verified owner)

    Delicious honey! It’s better than the honey I can find at the supermarket in terms of taste and texture and the buzz it provides lives up to the bees perfect work on that honey. I ate some with chicken nuggets, best nuggets I ever had. I also surprised myself eating spoonfuls directly out the container as I couldn’t resist.
    Give it a try, 100% worth it!

    I would also love to try a 500mg version as shown on the picture 😉

  3. Crit76 (verified owner)

    Purchased to add to my nightly green tea before I go to bed. Great tasting honey that medicates as well & assisted my overall sleep.
    You can smell/taste the cannabis a bit, however its not overbearing. Perfect for adding to food/drinks or just eat it off the spoon.
    Highly recommend.

  4. Emmers (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. I had a traumatic injury a week ago. Each morning when I get up I have 2 tsp of honey in my coffee. It definitely helps to dull the pain and take away the anxiety that comes over me when I change my dressings or think about the accident. Thanks again Cure Parlour.

  5. Beth (verified owner)

    I love this honey in my coffee every morning. It works great for my anxiety and is very relaxing. Excellent product.
    I too would like to try a 500mg version.

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